This New Level II Tactical Universal Drop Leg Holster Fits for Over 100+ Most Full&Compact Size Pistols OWB Police Thigh Holster | Right Hand



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Sturdy Comfortable Drop Leg platform with a Universal Polymer Index release Level II holster.
It can meet all your needs whether you are a law enforcement and military personnel or an avid hunter.
Equipped with a universal gun holster, It can fit for most full & compact size pistols (please see below for more info) .
Only one is enough no matter how many handguns you have. And with the unique gear design on the two sides, this thigh platform is compatible with all other Gun & Flower accessories, such as double mag clips.
So, only with this one platform, you could carry 1 gun and 4 mags at the same time.  Minimalist design but big capacity.
 What's more, with the genius “quick connection device” which connects the holster to the platform, pressing the two buttons on two sides at the same time, the holster will be unattached from the platform. Therefore it's so easy for you to adjust the holster to fit your different size guns.  Another advantage of this is to make cleaning simple to do.
As we can see, this police tactical drop leg holster comes with dual nylon leg straps and  one widened drop belt strap. Thanks to the thickened nylon straps, this universal thigh holster is super durable and can be used for years.
The buckles on the straps allow you to adjust the length of the straps; Plus with the flexible silicon ergonomic arc design, this leg holster is  just so snug and won't move around on your leg no matter if you are big or skinny.
Limited Time and Quantity Offer:
Buy Today, Get a Free Double Dual Stack Mag Holder(worth 29.99$) that could Attach on the platform!
It will show automatically on the Checkout Page!
Main Features : 
  • Full & Compact Size Pistols Drop Leg Holsters fit for such as canik tp9sfx /canik tp9 elite/ sig p365/m&p shield/springfield xdm elite/hk vp9/fn 509/cz shadow 2 and so on.
  • LEVEL II RETENTION - This thigh holster offers level II retention giving you exclusive access to your pistols and preventing your gun being taken by others.
  • TOOLLESS ADJUSTMENT - This drop holster is designed with toolless adjustment system and the holster can be rotated 360-degree without any tools. Just press the top button and rotate to the right angle and all these jobs can be done with just one hand!
  • QUICK MOUNTING/DISMOUNTING SYSTEM - Within one second, you can mount/dismount the holster on/from the drop leg platform simply by pressing side release buttons.
  • RIDE HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE - High ride or low ride, you decide.
  • COMFORT & DURABILITY - The curve outline of the platform and elastic strap offer comfort carrying for 24 hours and the platform is made of fiber-reinforced polymer for excellent durability.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - No questions asked return policy and Lifetime Warranty. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please feel free to contact our Customer Service , we stand behind the quality of our products!
  • Beretta: 92, 92 A1, 92FS, 92G, 92G Elite LTT, 92X Full Size, M9, M9A1, M9A3, APX. 
  • Browning: PRO-9, PRO-40, Hi-Power BDA, Hi-Power Mark III, Hi-Power Practical, Hi-Power Standard.
  • Bersa: Thunder 9, Thunder 9 Pro, Thunder 40, Thunder 40 Pro, Thunder 45, Thunder 45 UC Pro, TPR9, TPR9c, TPR40c, TPR45c, BP9CC, BP40CC, BP380CC.
  • Colt: 1911, and other brands 1911 4’’, 1911 4.25’’, 1911 4.5’’, 1911 5’’.
  • Canik: TP9, TP9 Elite SC, TP9DA, TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9SF Elite, TP9SF Elite-S, TP9SFx, TP9v2, TP40v2, L120, P120, S120, Shark C, Shark FC.
  • CZ: 75, 75 Compact, 75B, 75D, 75 SP-01, 75 SP01 Phanton, 75 SP01 Shadow, 75 SP-01 Tactical, 85 B, 85 Combat, 97 B, 97 BD, P-01, P-06, P07, P09, P10C, Shadow 2.
  • EAA: EAA wtiness 9mm.
  • FN: FN-509, FNP-9, FNP-9M, FNP-40, FNP-45, FNS-9, FNS-40, FNX-9, FNX-40, FNX-45, FN-509C, HP-SA.
  • Girsan: MC9, Regard MC, Regard MC Compact, MC1911C, MC1911S, MC28 SA. 
  • Glock: 17, 18, 19, 19X, 21, 22, 23, 26, 31, 32, 43, 43X, 44, 45, 48.
  • HK: P30, P30L, HK45, HK45 Compact, P2000. HS Produkt: HS 2000.
  • IWI: Masada, Jericho 941 R, Jericho 941 PL, Jericho 941 FS, Jericho 941 F.
  • Kahr Arms: CT9, CT40, CT45, CW9, CW40, CW45, K9, K9 Elite, K40, P9, P9 Covert, P40, P45, S9, ST9, T9, T40, TP9, TP40, TP45.
  • Norinco: CF-98, NP-20, NP-22, NP-34, NP-42.
  • Ruger: Security 9, Security-9 Compact, SR9, SR9C, SR22, SR40, SR40c, SR45. 
  • Sarsilmaz: CM9 Gen 2, K2 45, K2 45C, Kilinc 2000 Mega, SAR 2000, SAR9, ST9, ST10, ST45.
  • S&W: MP 9, MP22, MP22 Compact, MP40, MP45, MP45 Compact, SD9, SD9 VE, SD40, SD40 VE, M&P 9mm Shield EZ, M&P 380 Shield EZ.
  • Sig Sauer: P220, P220 Carry, P220 Combat, P225, P226, P227, P228, P229, P250 Full Size, P250 Compcat, P2022, P320 Compcat, P320 Full Size, P320 Carry Nitron, P320 Nitron, P320 X-Carry, M17, M18.
  • Springfield: Hellcat, XD9, XD40, XD45, XD 45 ACP Compact 4’’ 5’’, XD45 ACP MOD.2, XD 45 ACP Service, XD 45 ACP Tactical, XD Service, XD-M, XD-M Compact, XD-M Competition, XD-M Elite, XDS, XD-S Mod.2.
  • Stoeger: STR-9, STR-9C. TARA: TM9, TM9C.
  • Taurus: G2C, G3, G3C, TX22, PT111, PT111 Pro, PT140, PT140 Pro, PT-24/7, PT-24/7 OSS, PT-24/7 PRO, PT-38S, PT-58, PT709, PT-809, PT-809 Compact, PT-840, PT-840 Compact, PT-845, PT-908, PT-909, PT-911, PT-940, PT-945, PT-957, TH40, TH9, PT-1911.
  • Walther: P22, PPS, PPS M2, PDP, PPQ, PPQ 22, PPQ 45, PPQ, PPQ M2, PPX M1, CCP, P99, P99 AS, P99 Military, P99 QA, P990, PK380.



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This New Level II Tactical Universal Drop Leg Holster Fits for Over 100+ Most Full&Compact Size Pistols OWB Police Thigh Holster | Right Hand

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Unbelievably perfect

I couldn’t believe it was going to fit my Taurus G3. Then I doesn’t think it’d be as comfortable but it’s easy to adjust and put on. Feels normal to wear at work. Able to adjust while wearing for when you’re sitting and able to detach without undoing the holster for comfortable travel in a car. Just absolutely amazing.

Glad you like it! Thank you so much for the support!

Blaine Corona
This holster is even better than I thought it would be.

I was shopping around for a drop leg and I came across this one. I figured it was only $90 so it’s quite a bit cheaper than most other ones, so I placed an order. The holster and mag pouches came in separate boxes but other than that, it’s awesome. The quick disconnect is an absolute life saver. You can rotate your duty weapon while in the holster 360 degrees and that can definitely come in handy. I showed it to several guys on my department and since, they have all placed orders. It’s comfortable, affordable, high quality, and is actually really sturdy. Overall a solid 8/10 would order again. My only request is that I wish they offered an option for pistol light attachments.

Thank you to everyone at PolymerHolster!

Glad you like it! Thank you so much for the support!

Fantastic Holster

Just got my holster. Came with a magazine holster also but came in separate packages which was a little confusing. Quality of product is excellent. Works as designed as good as a Blackhawk Serpa but much better price. I will be buying several more.

Glad you like it! Thank you so much for the support!

Alicia H
Level ll Tactical Universal Thigh Holster

Very impressed on the quality of this holster. Easy to read instructions, adjustable holder was superior and made practice time fun and exciting.. Arrived earlier than estimated. Will order more from this company.

Glad you like it! Thank you so much for the support!

Drop leg holster

Got my drop leg holster before the given time. It was more then I expected and made of great quality. Will recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great holster for a great price