What is the best concealed carry holster?

What Makes a Great Concealed Carry Holster 

Don’t just settle for a concealed carry holster that fits your budget. Budget is a major concern. Still, it’s important to find a holster that checks off other boxes, too.  

✪ Trigger Coverage 

When considering a holster, consider the trigger guard cover. The holster material should not press on the trigger guard in any way. This will can potentially depress the trigger. It is a major safety concern. 

The holster material should cover the trigger completely. That will prevent the likelihood of a discharge. 



There are a few types of holster materials: leather, Kydex, and hybrid. Most of the time, you’ll have to decide between Kydex and leather. 

Kydex is essentially a polymer composite. It forms perfectly to the shape of your gun. Leather takes time to break-in. However, it is softer and less likely to scratch your gun. Hybrid holsters include both a Kydex shell and a leather backing.  

Pay attention to the quality of the materials. Durability and comfort are your greatest concerns here.  


If your holster isn’t comfortable, you’re probably going to leave it at home. Take the time to find a holster that is comfortable for your unique body.


Make sure your holster has solid retention devices. Without them, it might not hold the pistol well during strenuous activity. A poorly-fitting holster can cause issues with everyday use as well. This can dislodge your pistol from the holster.  

Possible retention devices include a strap and a thumb break. There are also other internal retention devices. There is an easy test for good retention. Set a pillow out on your kitchen table. Place your unloaded gun into the holster. Then turn the holster upside down over the pillow. Does the gun fall out? 

If it falls out, the retention is not up to par. You need a different holster. You could also try adjusting the retention devices with a screw.  


Drawing your handgun should be easy. Your handgun should allow you to get a good grip. You should be able to make a straight-line draw.  

The method and speed of drawing might vary depending on the type of handgun. You still want to look for a good, comfortable grip. You need to have a sure draw each and every time.  


Concealment is an obvious factor to consider. You are choosing a holster for concealed carry after all. You don’t want your gun exposed to other people. It can set you up for some awkward and unsafe situations. Plus, an exposed weapon is illegal in some states.


3 of the most comfortable concealed carry holster from Gun&Flower

1. Gun&Flower Hybrid IWB Kydex Holster-Hidden hybrid holsters,

hidden hybrid holsters

2. Gun&Flower Universal Leather IWB Holster-Most Comfort and Concealed Carry

universal leather iwb holster

iwb leather holsters

3. Gun&Flower Kydex IWB Holsters with US Made Kydex Sheet.

iwb kydex holsters

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