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I use it every day

The fit curve just right for my body structure
The adjustable retention I have just to the level I like (I could do hand stands and it’s not falling out)
Audible click when returning and takes just a snatch to remove.

Very happy w the price

W the correct outer garment or shirt I’m concealed up and ready for a day in the town

Poly Holster

It's a nice looking holster be a little snug. The magazine holster is way to tight. Once You get it in the holster it takes 2 hands to get the magazine out. Other that those 2 things I am satisfied. It is comfortable to wear.

Great product

Good quality, like the various mounting options - good level 2 retention and easy draw

Looks and feels high quality

I haven't used the holster yet, but it looks and feels very high quality. I had a bit of a user error when ordering and forgot to click "add" on the free item. I reached out to customer service and they included it for me! I honestly can't wait to use the holster this summer.

Great for me

This is a really great holster for my xds 9 that my son got me as my first gun, and I didn't really think that I'd want a holster for it, until I found this one and ordered it (originally because it was a really good price) but once I put it on, got it adjusted just right for how I wanted it to be and put my gun in it. Let me just say DAMN......I am so glad that I went with my gut and bought it. This is absolutely awesome and extremely comfortable for me to wear even though I'm not tall and I'm a bit Fluffy. I'm an older woman who is 5'2" tall and around 190, so you can see that I am not a person who has a easy time finding a holster that is comfortable and works well for my issues with my physical issues either but this one does. It's easy enough that I can release my gun when I need to draw it, but you can't just grab it out, it's not poking me and making me want to throw it out the window either lol. I know that once I get my ccw and then my ccw gun that I will be coming directly back to the same place so that I can get my ccw polymer holster for my new gun too since I know that it's going to be just as good as this one if not better. I have also referred others to this company that have been looking for a holster and haven't found one that works for them yet.
I am so glad that I waited to buy one and extremely happy with the one I bought, and I will never buy from anyone but them for life.

Thank You for making the best out there in my personal opinion.

Great value

My Taurus fit securely. Additionally, the thumb-release feels solid. The paddle itself is angled toward the top clip in such a way that makes it tricky to secure to my carry belt, but that ensures it won’t come off my hip.

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Sig M-18 USMC Version

Fits my new shoulder great. The Mag pouch holds my 12 rd mags, 17 rd mags and 21 rd mags. Great price. Also holds my FN-509, 45 compac, Sig 40 compac, H&K Compac and Sig 9mm.
MSgt W. W. Wilson

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Great product

Great quality product and customer service. Arrived on time. I recommend this company.


I like that it is adjustable. Weapon fits tight and good quick release.

Free Gift Mag Holster 9mm/.40/ .45ACP Single/ Double Stack, Need to Select the Magazine Carrier that Matches Your Magazine Type | Gun & Flower

Generally an excellent product ...

This product itself is well made and of excellent quality, and I recommend it with only a minor reservation; the holster fit applicability is a bit narrow. In fairness their ads do state what types of holsters should fit, but a simple mod to the product vastly increased its utility. Turning two holes into slots and drilling one additional center hole allowed a good fit for use with BlackHawk pattern holsters and greatly extended the usefulness of the leg drop adapter itself.

Free Gift Mag Holster 9mm/.40/ .45ACP Single/ Double Stack, Need to Select the Magazine Carrier that Matches Your Magazine Type | Gun & Flower

I am still working with your gear, but I really like what I have worked with. I