Hanmade Universal Leather Shoulder Concealed Holster with Double Mag Holder for Full &Compact Size Handgun Black/ Brown - Right Hand| Gun & Flower


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9mm shoulder holster

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Adjust For Perfect Fit

The harness offers 4 ways size adjustment for a perfect fit, and microfiber leather is softer and more comfortable than stiff leather to ensure comforting and relaxing carry all day long.

Gun & Flower Shoulder Holster is a piece of art.

Opening the package and pulling out this new handcrafted detective shoulder gun holster will bring you back subconscious memories of a former life in the old west riding your trusty steed and on the hunt for the elusive train robbing gang.

 The whole piece of armpit holster is made with top-notch Italian Leather. We import them directly from Italy and only choose the outermost layer of the animal’s skin-— the most durable part of the hide — full-grain leather. 

From a full square cowhide weighing more than 30oz, after cutting and sewing, our craftsmen with over 10 years of leather working experience took about 10 hours to make this holster weighing about 20.46 oz ( 0.58KG).  We use the strongest German threads and select the vintage brass snaps with Gun & Flower brand logo on, everything to show our sophisticated craftsmanship and strict requirements on quality. 

These vertical straps shoulder holsters come with a universal gun holster and a mag pouch on the other side as the counterweight.

This top rated shoulder holster is designed for fitting more than 1600 different full or compact firearms, so, no matter how many pistols you have, this one jackass shoulder holster is enough. 

From our hundreds of customers' real experience, this best shoulder holsters for concealed carry fits like a glove for 1911, Taurus pt111, Sig p320, Smith & Wesson m&p 9mm and so on.

As the counterweight, the mag pouch is compatible for double & single stack snugly and is designed with 3-level brass snap & washer which makes it very size-flexible. That is to say, you could put the 9mm, .40, 10mm,.45, .38 and any other size mags into it. Really easy to use.

With the belt tie-down straps, the shoulder holster won't shake from side to side and will stay in place all the time. And velcro and brass snap allows you to detach & attach the holster to your belt in seconds.

Overall, the Shoulder Holster offers a perfect fast draw solution to comfort and concealment, especially when you're seated, such as driving. Or when you feel uncomfortable carrying a belt holster in the cold weather because you wear several layers. And of course, the shoulder holster will be a better alternative if you're not wearing a belt at all.


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Leather Shoulder Holster- for Glock 17/19/19X/21/22/43,Sig P220, P226, P227
holster straps shoulder

leather shoulder holster

Adjust For Perfect Fit

The harness offers 4 ways size adjustment for a perfect fit, and microfiber leather is softer and more comfortable than stiff leather to ensure comforting and relaxing carry all day long.

armpit holster

  • Beretta: 92, 92 A1, 92FS, 92G, 92G Elite LTT, 92X Full Size, M9, M9A1, M9A3, APX. 
  • Browning: PRO-9, PRO-40, Hi-Power BDA, Hi-Power Mark III, Hi-Power Practical, Hi-Power Standard.
  • Bersa: Thunder 9, Thunder 9 Pro, Thunder 40, Thunder 40 Pro, Thunder 45, Thunder 45 UC Pro, TPR9, TPR9c, TPR40c, TPR45c, BP9CC, BP40CC, BP380CC.
  • Colt: 1911, and other brands 1911 4’’, 1911 4.25’’, 1911 4.5’’, 1911 5’’.
  • Canik: TP9, TP9 Elite SC, TP9DA, TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9SF Elite, TP9SF Elite-S, TP9SFx, TP9v2, TP40v2, L120, P120, S120, Shark C, Shark FC.
  • CZ: 75, 75 Compact, 75B, 75D, 75 SP-01, 75 SP01 Phanton, 75 SP01 Shadow, 75 SP-01 Tactical, 85 B, 85 Combat, 97 B, 97 BD, P-01, P-06, P07, P09, P10C, Shadow 2.
  • EAA: EAA wtiness 9mm.
  • FN: FN-509, FNP-9, FNP-9M, FNP-40, FNP-45, FNS-9, FNS-40, FNX-9, FNX-40, FNX-45, FN-509C, HP-SA.
  • Girsan: MC9, Regard MC, Regard MC Compact, MC1911C, MC1911S, MC28 SA. 
  • Glock: 17, 18, 19, 19X, 21, 22, 23, 26, 31, 32, 43, 43X, 44, 45, 48.
  • HK: P30, P30L, HK45, HK45 Compact, P2000. HS Produkt: HS 2000.
  • IWI: Masada, Jericho 941 R, Jericho 941 PL, Jericho 941 FS, Jericho 941 F.
  • Kahr Arms: CT9, CT40, CT45, CW9, CW40, CW45, K9, K9 Elite, K40, P9, P9 Covert, P40, P45, S9, ST9, T9, T40, TP9, TP40, TP45.
  • Norinco: CF-98, NP-20, NP-22, NP-34, NP-42.
  • Ruger: Security 9, Security-9 Compact, SR9, SR9C, SR22, SR40, SR40c, SR45. 
  • Sarsilmaz: CM9 Gen 2, K2 45, K2 45C, Kilinc 2000 Mega, SAR 2000, SAR9, ST9, ST10, ST45.
  • S&W: MP 9, MP22, MP22 Compact, MP40, MP45, MP45 Compact, SD9, SD9 VE, SD40, SD40 VE, M&P 9mm Shield EZ, M&P 380 Shield EZ.
  • Sig Sauer: P220, P220 Carry, P220 Combat, P225, P226, P227, P228, P229, P250 Full Size, P250 Compcat, P2022, P320 Compcat, P320 Full Size, P320 Carry Nitron, P320 Nitron, P320 X-Carry, M17, M18.
  • Springfield: Hellcat, XD9, XD40, XD45, XD 45 ACP Compact 4’’ 5’’, XD45 ACP MOD.2, XD 45 ACP Service, XD 45 ACP Tactical, XD Service, XD-M, XD-M Compact, XD-M Competition, XD-M Elite, XDS, XD-S Mod.2.
  • Stoeger: STR-9, STR-9C. TARA: TM9, TM9C.
  • Taurus: G2C, G3, G3C, TX22, PT111, PT111 Pro, PT140, PT140 Pro, PT-24/7, PT-24/7 OSS, PT-24/7 PRO, PT-38S, PT-58, PT709, PT-809, PT-809 Compact, PT-840, PT-840 Compact, PT-845, PT-908, PT-909, PT-911, PT-940, PT-945, PT-957, TH40, TH9, PT-1911.
  • Walther: P22, PPS, PPS M2, PDP, PPQ, PPQ 22, PPQ 45, PPQ, PPQ M2, PPX M1, CCP, P99, P99 AS, P99 Military, P99 QA, P990, PK380.


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Hanmade Universal Leather Shoulder Concealed Holster with Double Mag Holder for Full &Compact Size Handgun Black/ Brown - Right Hand| Gun & Flower

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Joe Graham
Good Job

It wasn’t what I expected it was Better just what I wanted fit’s great and looks fantastic gun and flower is now my go to store.Thanks

Michael G.
Great Product!

Well worth the money

Mason Johnson
A decent holster

I bought the holster to carry a 1911 it was advertised to hold it which it does actually I bought it for a long slide 1912 with an accessory rail in front of the trigger guard which makes it thicker and it fits just fine, I also installed a Glock 22 which is a full size gun and it fits fine also.
The mag pouched do hold both single and double stack mags no problem.
I am 6’1 180lbs and it adjusts to my size firm with plenty of adjustment left for bigger and smaller sizes.
It seems to be made decently and especially for the price, I have not worn it allot and probably won’t but when I want to carry a heavy full size gun it will work great for me.
Great deal for the money!

William W.
Surprisingly good

I am surprised how well the items worked because pricing is so reasonable I am repeat buyer and often recommend this website

Raul Daniel
shoulder holster review

What I like about the holster is that the cross section that comes to rest the back of your neck is fixed & doesn't slide like other holsters I have making it difficult to put on. On the other hand, the buckle on the side that adjusts doesn't adjust enough to secure the gun down. The magazine holders have multiple snaps that make it easy to accommodate my extended mags. Overall, better than my other shoulder holsters.